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Shinichi Matsumoto's Tap Wonderland: Tap Dance Music, Books, Video, Memorabilia.

Tap Wonderland was originally created in 2001, to share uncommon tap dance memorabilia with other tap dancers in Japan. Many of these tap collectibles — unusual records, music for tap dancing, tap dance instruction books, advertisements and video recordings, are unfamiliar to Japanese tap dancers. In 2004, with the help of my partner in San Francisco, I opened this English version of Tap Wonderland.

My tap dance collectibles have been gathered into several galleries to form a sort of Tap Wonderland online museum. We've added some comments, a little background, or a story to each item. A web site like this is a great way for a collector to share their passion with the world. We hope you enjoy it.

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— Shinichi Matsumoto

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