Tap Wonderland Music Gallery:
Tap Dance Records & CDs

Welcome to the online museum at Tap Wonderland, an exhibit of tap dancing collectibles, LP records, CDs, books, videos and ephemera for tap dancers.

If you're a Tap Dancer, a record collector or better yet both, you're sure to find some uncommon, interesting, even oddball LPs here in the Tap Wonderland Music Gallery. Wander around the gallery by clicking any of the LP jacket images. You'll find information and anecdotes about each record or CD. Many pages contain additional links that drill down to even more detailed information.

Tap dance music recordings can be categorized as either instructional records, practice music or performance recordings, however, these distinctions aren't very rigid and they get blurred quite often. A honky-tonk piano player may title his record Music for Tap Dancing, but that doesn't make it so. "Music for Tap Dancing" is a very popular title here in the gallery, by the way. With Fred Astaire behind the album, it's music for tap dancing even if he doesn't dance. A choreographer may include his or her own tap sounds on an instructional record or even a practice piece. Practice music may be all over the map when it comes to the rhythm and mood of the tunes, especially when everyone involved came from ballet. Well, it's all good and it's all for Tap. Enjoy!

Danny Hoctor's Tunes for Tap
Music for Tap Dancing | Ben LIght
Music for Tap Dancing | Michael Dominico
Music for Tap Dancing, Robert Audy
Musical Recordings for Tap Dancing, Russ Morgan
Music for Tap Dancing, Fred Astaire
Tap, Nakano Brothers
The Tap, Ayako Ukawa
Tap Tap Tap, Ryuko Sasaki
Tap Dance Music for Class, Roper Records
Tap Dance Favorites, Rainbow Records
Tap Dance Rhythms | Johnny Maddox
Tap Dance Practice Record
Tap Dance, Sylvia Dorame
Four Dancing Masters
Mr. Musical Comedy, Dan Dailey
Music for Hoofers, Pat Rico
Tea for Two, Gene Nelson
We Do Sing Too, The Nicholas Brothers
Song and Dance Man Gene Kelly
Tap on High, Saburo Nakawa
Midnight Junction, Ryu Amamiya and Tap Tips
Tap Routines, Russell Records
Smile & Tap, Danny Hoctor & Al Gilbert
The Tap Dance Record, Playtime Records
Tap Dance Record, Peter Pan Records
Tap Technique Class, Art Stone
Tap Dancing for Beginners,  Robert Audy
Fred Astaire Story | Oscar Peterson Trio
Mr. TappityToe | The Cricketones
On Stage! Tap | S and R Records
Tap Happy |  Danny Hoctor
The Tap Dance Record | Tony Mottola Orchestra
Dance it Yourself | Bobby Davis | CAM Records
Dance America | Danny Daniels
School Days Tap | Al Gilbert
More Musicals
Salute to the Stars | Joe Ruminer
Graded Tap | Al Gilbert
Tap & Fitness for Senior Citizens
Turned On Tap
Tap Explosion
Pandemonium |  Hines, Hines & Dad